Thursday, July 9, 2009

Once upon a time

I used to be motivated and make things. So far this summer all I've only made a couple lanyards and a friendship bracelet. not that exciting, but I did inherit a sewing machine, and I have a couple projects in mind.A while ago I made some stuff for school. Peep the squishy power strip (which actually worked). Is that post worthy? I want to revive this thing. Old + new technology = fun.I made breakfast this other time and the eggs were heart shaped. Too perfect.and then more recently I devised a virus.which brough dire straits to the studio arts building.

Now, it is summer, I live in a new house, and it is time to do new things! Senior project is on the horizon, along with the rest of my life and possibly graduate school. Just wish I could make this month and the next last forever! At least I am making MONIES working at the PAC. Who knew sitting around could be so lucrative? Unfortunately I seem to have a problem with getting to bed early enough so 9am doesn't seem that bad. At least something absolutely wonderful is going to happen tomorrow night. yay!

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