Thursday, February 28, 2008


So, I'm trying to update more. Here is another 8-legged friend that I made to sell.It's a shame that this one is so cute. I really want to keep it.
aw. So, I'm going to be a studio art major at my school, and in order to prove myself, I have to put up a bunch of my work in a gallery. I decided to include some knitting because it's what I generally do in my free time. (sad.) I want to do a BIG piece, so I went out to get lots of cheap yarn. Do you know what four pounds of yarn looks like?

Now I do. Wow. So, here's a little doodle of what I'd like to make with all this yarn.The person should be adult-sized, I want this thing to be huge. and comfy. When I eventually move into some sort of house next semester or whatever, I want to have this guy as a piece of furniture. Functional art! excellenttttttttt. So I'll be busy with that for the next month, I think I'm going to use some crazy circular needle techniques, so I'll update with pictures of the process. Exciting!

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